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Christopher Mann FRSA

On moving from the BBC in 2000 and forming Mannmade Productions, I have made  a varied mix of programmes.  These are either documentaries or Video News Releases (VNRs) which are distributed to all the major television channels.   Subjects include space exploration, particle physics (including the opening of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider), ancient history, wildlife, CGI sequences and radio drama.


In addition to programme making, I direct studio galleries and BBC news live outside broadcasts.  I also set up and direct major events such as in 2015 the RNLI awards at the Barbican.  


I began my television career in BBC Bristol’s Natural History Unit, editing and then studio directing.


In BBC Religion and Ethics I made numerous Songs of Praise programmes including foreign link-ups.   I then made documentaries and the arts series “The Cry” for BBC2.  Finally, after training with Discovery in the States, I created the BBC2 documentary series “Ancient Voices” that looked at lost civilisations around the world.


Since forming Mannmade Productions, I have gained the following awards:


2011   Sony Radio Academy Award winner:  Drama serial “Divided we Fall”

2007   Best International Documentary, Rome Science Film Festival

2004   Channel 4 British Archaeological Awards, Runner up.

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